Xpand21 partners with Neptune Media International

We are very glad to announce our partnership with Neptune Media International, the digital marketing solution provider. Neptune Media International’s team is a wild mix of creativity, nerditude, hard work, sleepless nights, great laughs, good food, comic, music, and … coffee.  They are a young team, but possess deep knowledge and expertise in digital marketing and digital sales, on both client and agency sides, with the offices located in Hongkong, Shenzhen and New York. For more info see http://www.neptune-media-international.com.

What We Do

Specialists in digital strategy as well as the tools and channels available in the marketplace today, we use your data to build and implement your digital marketing, charted toward growth and efficiency.

Strategy – Let us review your current position within the online space against the backdrop of the competitive landscape and analyze your strengths and weaknesses, so that we can help you strategically position your business to its best advantage.

Expertise – Our clients rely on us and we deliver exceeding their expectations – with over 70 years of compound experience in digital marketing and digital sales between the team members, we seamlessly integrate the campaigns into your current business model and generate top results.

End-to-end solution – We bring everything you need: creative ideas, campaign optimization, analytics, content strategy, technology, reporting, and most importantly the team that’s available around the clock 7 days a week. That’s a big commitment!

Cracking the code and unlocking your digital marketing and digital sales strategy takes a lot of work. Partner with us, and we take care of that heavy-lifting for you.

Our Awesome Clients and Partners

Digital changes fast. By the time trends emerge, scrambling to augment your strategy most often means you’ve already fallen ten steps behind the competition. From the first steps to diligent channel monitoring and strategy analysis, we make sure you’re always leading the pack.





CHIP Digital GmbH





Ringier Axel Springer Polska



Kingsoft Software



Cheetah Mobile






AOMEI Technology



Easeware Technology






Enigma Software Group, LLC






iMobie Inc.









Jupiter Media



Neptune Utilities



Neptune Media International



Wisecleaner Software





VIFLY Technology



This is Xpand21

Xpand21 is a digital marketing and digital sales agency that specializes in search, web analytics, digital advertising, campaign managment, social media, mobile and landing page optimation. We are digital marketing specialists for the journey from browser to buyer. We possess deep knowledge and expertise in digital marketing, on both client and agency sides. We love our clients for the relationships we’ve built with them, their diversity, challenges, and believing in us. We always over-deliver, go the extra mile, and respond to all inquiries.

Whether you’re a small business or a corporation, we can meet your needs. We offer a full range of services, starting with consulting internet marketing services and ending with in-depth web analytics, search engine marketing services and more — all necessary for the online promotion of your business.

We help our clients design, develop, and execute cost-effective digital marketing campaigns tailored to your needs and goals. Because we employ a set of paid and free media tools to achieve the set goals, we can create a campaign that is right for you and your budget.